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Enter your publicly shared Google Sheets link below to get your individual Mashtable link:

Your first Mashtable? Here's how!

Step 1: In Google Spreadsheets click on "File" and select "Publish to the web".

Step 2: Select the sheet you want to share.

If there is only one sheet in your document, you can also share the entire document.

Step 3: Copy the link and paste it here.

Select "Automatically republish when changes are made" to always show your latest edits.

Make your Google Spreadsheet work with Mashtable

You can use Mashtable with your existing Google Spreadsheets just like that.

For Mashtable to work your table columns need titles in the first row. Cells shoudn't be merged in order to work properly.

The first column will be treated as header and will be fixed. And each of the following columns will have the title fixed before showing the content.

Transforms into the following Mashtable:

But if you want some more options take a look at the following formatting rules.

Table settings

All the formatting takes place in the second row and is super simple. Give it a try!

Turns into this:

  1. Pre-define the row that the table should be initially sorted by.
  2. Add you brand name to the table.
  3. Adding a link to your website will add a link back to your website. Users will be able to easily navigate back to your site.

Row settings

You can add special formatting to each column. This will change how the Mashtable is presented to the user.

Turns into this:

  1. Turn image links into the actual image.
  2. Give text blocks in the table a highlight box.
  3. Comma separated content can by displayed as chips.

Help settings

As tables are not always self-explanatory your users might find it helpful to have some helpful comment in the table.

This will add a sticky help text and your users know what look out for.

Turns into this:

  1. A floating help box.

Auto transform

Some table content will automatically transformed into icons. This makes the content way easier to scan quickly.

Turns into this:

  1. Icons for "yes" and "no".